Outreach: Thematic Inputs

Authors / OrganisationTitleLanguage
Asia Development AllianceAsian Voice for the World We WantEnglish
Amnesty International Human Rights and the Post 2015 AgendaEnglish
Parliamentarians and Civil SocietyBali Declaration by Parliamentarians and Civil Society on the MDG Acceleration and the Post 2015 Development AgendaEnglish
German NGOs/DPOsDisability in the Post 2015 AgendaEnglish
BioRegionalBioRegional’s recommendations to the High-Level Panel on the post-2015 development agendaEnglish
Christian AidSustainable and Equitable Economic TransformationEnglish
Civil Society Reflection GroupNo Future without JusticeEnglish
Civic Space InitiativeSubmission on an Enabling Environment for Civil SocietyEnglish
Economic Commission of AfricaPartnerships and Financing for Development in the Post 2015 AgendaEnglish
EuroNGOsPosition Paper on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in the Post 2015 FrameworkEnglish
Global Youth ForumLetter to Homi KharasEnglish
IDA-IDCC Make the Post 2015 Framework Inclusive of Persons with DisabilitiesEnglish
ILOJobs and Livelihoods at the heart of the Post 2015 Development AgendaEnglish
International Dialogue of Peacebuidling & StatebuildingThe Washington Communiqué on Peacebuilding and StatebuildingEnglish
International Dialogue of Peacebuidling & StatebuildingLe Communiqué de Washington sur la Consolidation de la Paix et le Renforcement de la PaixFrench
ITUCTowards Decent Work for All and Universal Social ProtectionEnglish
Civil Society OrganisationsJoint Statement on Food and Nutrition Security to the High-Level Panel of eminent persons on the Post-2015 Development AgendaEnglish
Economists, academics and development expertsLetter to the High-Level Panel from economists, academics and development expertsEnglish
My WorldThe United Nations Global Survey For A Better WorldEnglish
PATHEnusring Innovation in Health for Maximum ImpactEnglish
SaferWorldAddressing Conflict and Violence from 2015: A Vision of Goals, Targets and IndicatorsEnglish
Save the ChildrenEnding Poverty in Our GenerationEnglish
SightSaversThe Inclusion of People with DisabilitiesEnglish
SLoCaTSustainable TransportEnglish
Stella Joy, Active RemedyAnalysis on water securityEnglish
The World We Want Health in the Post-2015 AgendaEnglish
Transparency InternationalLooking Beyond 2015: A Role For GovernanceEnglish
Wada Na Todo AbhiyanShaping Our Shared Future Beyond 2015: Perspectives from the Global SouthEnglish
WASHProposal for Consolidated Targets, Indicators and DefinitionsEnglish
Water AidEveryone, Everywhere: A Vision for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Post 2015English
AcademicsPut Inequality at the heart of the post2015 agendaEnglish
Action AidBringing Tax into the Post 2015 Development FrameworkEnglish
Africa GroupsStructural Transformation in the Africa Context: Reflections and Priorities for the Post 2015 AgendaEnglish
African Women’s Rights Regional Steering GroupMind the Gender GapEnglish
Arab RegionCivil Society Declaration on the Post 2015 AgendaEnglish
Beyond 2015Responses to the HLP Framing Questions for BaliEnglish
Beyond 2015 and GCAPNational Deliberations: A Synthesis ReportEnglish
CSDE Task TeamMulti-­stakeholder collaboration for an Inclusive Post-­ Busan and Post-­2015 FrameworkEnglish
CAFODBuilding from the Ground UpEnglish
CWGLThe Integration of Gender and Human Rights into the Post 2015 FrameworkEnglish
Development InitiativesFinancing and Monitoring the Post 2015 GoalsEnglish
EurodadFinance and the FutureEnglish
Global GroupsA Red Flag for the Post 2015 High Level PanelEnglish
Human Rights WatchLetter to the High Level PanelEnglish
PanAfrican ParliamentRaising Resources to Finance the Post 2015 AgendaEnglish
Road Safety FundRoad Injury in the Post2015 AgendaEnglish
Save the ChildrenPrivate Sector Transparency and the Post 2015 AgendaEnglish
Save the ChildrenBreaking the Mould: Transforming the Economic Development ParadigmEnglish
United Nations FoundationBuilding PartnershipsEnglish
Wada Na Todo AbhiyanRecommendations for an alternate development framework in the post-­2015 worldEnglish
Walden BelloPost 2015 Development Assessment: Proposed Goals and IndicatorsEnglish
Water and Sanitation NetworksOpen Letter to the High Level PanelEnglish
Women’s Major GroupStatement on Advancing the Post 2015 Sustainable Development AgendaEnglish
Asia Development AllianceADA Statement on Bali Communiqué of the HLP on Post 2015 Development AgendaEnglish
Bali Youth Multi-stakeholder MeetingPutting Youth at the Heart of DevelopmentEnglish
Centre for Economic and Social RightsA Matter of Justice – Securing Human Rights in the post 2015 sustainable development agenda English
Civil Society Reflection GroupTowards a Framework of Universal Sustainability GoalsEnglish
Dutch Civil Society working on International Cooperation Through the Looking Glass – Recommendations on the Post 2015 AgendaEnglish
Education International and PGRIRecommendations to the UN High Level Panel on the post 2015 agendaEnglish
Feminist Taskforce (GCAP)Gender Equality to End PovertyEnglish
Global Development NetworkBeyond the MDGs: What development framework after 2015?English
Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operationPerspectives for a post-2015 development frameworkEnglish
HelpAge InternationalAge-proofing the post 2015 development frameworkEnglish
High Level Taskforce for ICPDRecommendations to the High Level Panel on the Post 2015 Development AgendaEnglish
International Budget PartnershipThe International Budget Partnership response to the HLP communiquéEnglish
Joint Statement by various networks and alliancesHealth in the Post 2015 Development Framework English
Partnerships for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH)Summary Statement: Ending Preventable Deaths and Morbidity, especially among women and childrenEnglish
Visions SolidairesConsultations nationale sur l’agenda post 2015 au Togo: La Voix Des MigrantsFrench
VSO – Volunteers Overcoming PovertyAdvancing women’s participation and influence in political and public life through the post-2015 frameworkEnglish
Water AidWASH Away PovertyEnglish
United Nations ECLACSustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean – Follow up to the UN development agenda beyond 2015 and to Rio+20English
ANND, Social Watch and OthersCSO Appeal to the High Level PanelEnglish
Civil Society Reflection GroupHacia un marco de Objetivos Universales de Sostenibilidad como parte de una Agenda Post-2015Spanish
IDA, IDCCMaking the Post 2015 Framework Inclusive of Persons with DisabilitiesEnglish
ActionAid, IFFPD and othersWomen's Empowerment and Gender Equality in the HLP ReportEnglish
Amnesty International, CESR, AWID and others New global development agenda must have human rights at its coreEnglish
Amnesty International, CESR, AWID and othersHuman Rights for All Post-2015English
ParticipateVoices from the margins to the High Level PanelEnglish
CordaidGender Inequality and Fragility in the post-2015 agendaEnglish
CSPPSLinking New Deal Lessons on post 2015English
Inter-Parliamentary UnionQuito CommuniqueEnglish
CordaidFragility focus in the post 2015 agendaEnglish
WWFLetter to HLP Co-Chairs and MembersEnglish
Derechos Infancia MéxicoRed por los Derechos de la Infancia en MéxicoSpanish
Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights platformLetter to the HLP Co-ChairsEnglish
Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights platformVisionary Development Goals on Sexual and Reproductive Health and RightsEnglish
Civil Society Networks from Latin America and the CaribbeanEducation Is A Fundamental RightEnglish
Restless DevelopmentYouth Letter to PanelEnglish
CLUAPolicy Brief on Government Foundation PartnershipsEnglish
UNILEVERPrivate Sector OutreachEnglish